New Features Coming Soon in PSL Fnatasy Website

New Features Coming Soon in PSL Fnatasy Website

We are overwhelmed by the fantastic response from You guys and apologize for technical problems which You had to face during double headers. We are committed to provide best experience to You and have made following changes to the website.
• Upgraded servers with scalable solution & distributed systems.
• Re-designed gameplay with new exciting features.
• Transfer Counter is reset to 65 as a compensation for glitches and Team Points to ZERO to level the playing field.
We congratulate winner of the First SIX matches Ammar Zaidi, he will receive a prize from PSL Fantasy team.

What it means?

You stand equal and fair chance to make a strong comeback and WIN the BUMPER PRIZE (70 cc Bike)

Date: 13 Feb 2017


  • Mohammad Hamza

    My transfers arent updated yet?

  • Shahi Xafi

    are you gonna reset the points too? if not, then it woun't b fair IMO.

  • Hussain Lakhani

    Good decision (Y) fair enough

  • ...

    Aik kaam karo, Site he band kardo ... :@

  • Adil M. Koreshi

    Such a pathetic website

  • khurram

    What the hell.. Why you have reset all points? Its not fair, all hard earned points totally wasted... No peofessional website does it.. Im leaving PSL fantasy for good!

  • Murtaza Abidi

    This is not acceptable. How can u determine the winner on the basis of just 5 matches? Other players, like me, who have made controlled transfers to earn maximum points, are being penalized of your faulty server.
    Me and my friends have been playing PSL since last year and have been seriously disappointed by this step. I was playing on 50th rank on leaderboard, who is going to compensate me for that effort of my initial matches?!!!!

  • Asad Abbas

    what the hell....Ye bik gai hai Gormint.....Im leaving PSL fantasy too..

  • Khurram Saleem

    I am leaving PSL fantasy! Horrible Admin!

  • Leroy Rodrigues

    Hi, can we reset the squads completely, or do we start with the current squads we have.??

  • Nazia Sharif

    every six matches can you announce one winner

  • Farrukh

    Waste of 6 matches. Not competitive anymore!

  • rizwan

    ya boht galt kiya best fantsy leayge kfc big bash ha

  • Leroy Rodrigues

    I suggest to reset the team selection too,. that would be equally fair,

  • Hassan Raza

    i been playing fantasy since many years many sites get their servers down but they never did this stupid thing. if there was any issue that was for all and everybody was treated same way everybody is getting points back to zero and changes to equivalent. in my league there is a guy whos changes are just 34 left and mine is 63 left how your this new update gona compensate that ? any answer any logic ? how can you really do that ? i mean everybody balanced their team according to changes left you and you just equaled them the one who was in top ten and the one is last ten you treating them same ? such a horrible change you did if thats not fixing to previous point im quieting.

  • Rai Anees

    yeh tw begarti hai agr site chalani nhi ati tw na chalao ..hamain transfer kam use krny ka kya faida hua r woh log zayda kr chukay hain ,how equal. totally disgusting thing ..o bhai band kr dy ic ko tery bus ki bt nhi ...this is not fare .you prove yourself that you are failed .

  • Naveed Zaman

    Pathetic decision, why have you reset the points? totally stupid step taken. 6 matches strategy, player election and points gained are drained by your this insane decision, if there was problem in your site then why we suffer, it would be better that you should reinstate the points and let it go as it was going.

  • Naveed Zaman

    In between double header if site has problem, for compensation extra time was also given after start of match, everyone was given fair chance to select their players, how can you take that stupid decision. It is better that you must reinstate the points of every members, take back your extra transfers, otherwise your will loose credibility and almost 70% members in the mean time.

  • Sheeraz Ashraf

    This is not fair.
    I m not playing this fantasy anymore.
    who is behind this bloody decision.?

  • Asad Abbas

    Meri 17th Position Lota to jugde Sahb.... :)

  • Zubair Hameed

    You should have let it flow just the way it was.. because everyone experienced the same thing. By resetting the points and transfers, you have actually taken back the fair chance and the long term strategy of players who planned for the whole tournament instead of 6 matches. You should re-instate the previous status and let it go as normal!!!!

  • Sara Sultan

    what the hell... that's so unfair...

  • Arsalan Iqtidar Khan

    If the issue is already resolved then what's the point of resetting everything.. People will leave your fantasy for good. Such stupid decision!

  • Sehrish Khan Doll

    this is not fair....bakwas........ hm ne time waste kia ....

  • Mohsin Khan

    bike bh nh milny wali kissi ko bh....time waste kr rhy han ye log hmara

  • Haseeb Khan

    Total Crap Website and Insane mind who is managing this website.

    - With updation either the points and changes should be kept same .
    - Else Reset the current team combinations too. (As the people who have already made changes for next match are in advantage here against the people who make changes after toss announcement).

    If Such stupid brains keep this league the same way .. all the members should unanimously boycott it and join official PSL league as at least that is being run by sanity,

  • Sehrish Khan Doll

    mn top 10 pe aa gae thi...or ab ye sb drama kr rhy han ye psl waly......

  • mohsin khan

    time waste karna tha psl waly ne hmara.....bhaar me jao psl fantasy walo

  • Ameer Khan

    This is non sense..our valuable time wasted. . Now what us guarantee if again points will not be reset.

  • ShahRukh Saeed

    This is Such a Pathetic step, who will compensate my points of 1st 6 matches .?? I was topping the chart amongst my friends' league. This is simply a pathetic and cheap (sasti) league of all times.

  • Sameel Noman

    There must be a winner announced after every 6 matches, otherwise this is nothing to be overwhelmed about it is rather pathetic.

  • Saqib Zia

    Extremely unfair and shocking. This is not at all a fair decision, specially for those who were playing with a thoughtful strategy and making key transfers game by game to keep their hopes alive till the end.

  • Sher Shah

    Such a pathetic bunch of people who are running this site. I was 27th ranked with 57 transfers left, whereas I have seen people in top 5 with just 14 transfers left. This decision is going to cost to losing fan base. Such a shame.

  • Scropion RED

    Mera nmber 5 me tha public ranked me kiya fazool site hai bahi

  • Muhammad Hassan Khalid

    Yes unlimited transfer should be given to reset team before match.

  • Omar Farooq Halim

    Will we now be able to make changes during double headers or not ?

  • Aj Khan

    Very Good .now more chances for players . Now those players have a chance who's ranking is low.

  • Hammad Jaskani

    good thanku psl fantasy

  • Hassan Nawaz Shaikh

    Ye bik gai hai PSL!

  • Safat Mohammad

    By the What is "change MOM"?

  • Himayat

    What is double header ?

  • Abdul Moiz Farooq

    What is the point of having 'Man of the Match'????

  • Ateeb Khan

    They have added the Select Man of the match option but we have NO FUCKING IDEA what it does. How will the points be rewarded for MOM and Why we can't select the SAME player as Captain and MOM.
    They haven't told us about this new feature in POINTS section and they are NOT replying on twitter too.

    Sotay raho, Sotay rahoooooooooo


    My dear ! why can't we choose the same player as Captain & Man of the Match. its very surprising....!!!

  • Meesam Tamar

    Koi aisa rule hona chahiye k 3 ya 4 I.d wale na khel paen ye to unfair he

  • Syed Shoaib

    please we give some more transfer please please please

  • muzakkir ahmed

    i need more transfer please please please

  • Qaiser Rasheed

    Yea chez...Good initiative. Everyone should get a level playing field. HATs off to you!

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