Why LALA would play for Peshawar Zalmis

The guy scores one duck and whole nation goes bananas, that’s the effect he has on us, even if he is out on a duck he becomes talk of the town. Needless to mention details of what this guy has done for Pakistan, we all are very well aware of his services; moreover he is amongst the very few cricketers who have always been considered true patriots. And let’s admit the fact that deep inside we all know that if we ever had a chance of winning World Cup in India, it could only be under his captaincy.

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Lala is hitting the ball like old days, he showed few glimpses of his long lost form in last two matches against England and then in BPL. He is arguably the biggest star produced by Pakistan and a heart-throb of all three generations. All teams in PSL would love to have him on their side as he is a crowd puller, true entertainer and a match winner but the thing is that with Afridi you could safely say that he himself would decide that which team shirt he wants to put
on in PSL.

Peshawar obviously has an unfair advantage in this regard, as the team is owned by his bestie Javed Afridi, who could go to any extent to have him on his side. Recently Javed, who also happens to be the CEO of Haier Pakistan posted photographs with Shahid Afridi after the announcement of teams.

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Moreover Peshawar has roped in Andy Flower as a part of their coaching staff and with his known differences with Kevin Peterson, we could assume that Kevin won’t play for Zalmis. So that leaves us with three other options than Lala himself. Now Islo having the first pick would definitely go for Chris Gayle as he without a shadow of doubt is a big smasher of cricket ball and a match winner on his day. Thus if we suppose that Islamabad goes with Gayle force then the next one in order is Karachi. Now Afridi currently resides in Karachi, although he recently moved to Lahore temporarily for next year T20 World Cup preparations but it is not clear that whether he has good terms with ARY group or not. Thus looking at the current scenario, one can safely predict that it would surely be Karachi or Peshawar that gets Afridi.

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Javed Afridi earlier said that it is not only his wish that he wants Afridi on Zalmi’s but whole Peshawar wants him to represent and captain their home side. There is another twist in the tale though, teams can trade pick turns for money, and the amount is 75,000$, thus if Peshawar wants the first turn they'll have to pay 7.5 Million Rupees to Islamabad.

Which team will get Afrdi is remained to be seen, but one thing is for certain that Afridi would definitely prefer Peshawar because of Javed Afridi. Although we might see an unexpected and unanticipated scenario on draft day but odds are definitely on Peshawar’s side.